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Mobile Apps are no longer the future, they are the present.

Unwrapped Media’s mobile application development services deliver custom mobile experiences for your iOS, Android, and cross-platform needs.

Going mobile will help your business streamline operations, bring value to the demanding modern customers. Whether it is your first app or fourth, our expertise in mobile app development will help you succeed with your gaining new customers and repeat business.

As a dynamic and innovative company, we provide clients with creative digital solutions helping brands stand out and achieve maximum visibility and growth. With a focus to build and promote better customer-centric relationship, we provide successful innovative app solutions for retail, hospitality, education, lifestyle, and much more.

Applications, we design are both scalable & adaptable helping businesses meet specific needs and connect better with their customers. Here is a brief of the process we follow:


Initial Brainstorms

Every idea starts with a good brainstorm process. Through the approach, we collect different ideas and understand your business target. Based on the inputs, our team comes up with designs that will help you explore new opportunities and reach a wider audience.

One thing we are clear, there is a greater advantage in giving personalized experiences to the customers and we help you provide that.

Naming Concepts

A name makes the first point of interaction for users. We start with identifying the purpose of your business and its target audience. Based on your business ideas, we do research and provide a list of words that will resonate with your intended audience.

User Interviews

We determine what are the key things people want to see in the app. idea generation and focus.

Competitive Analysis

Review existing app market to research & understand the requirements better including competitive comparison

Affinity Mapping

This process is essentially pulling together all the data from the interviews and competitive analysis and mapping out the trends and important discoveries

Problem Statement

We clearly identify road blocks & solutions.


Logo & Branding

Your logo icon is the visual anchor for your product.

We adopt best practices and create a logo that is beautiful, identifiable, and memorable. The fine logo design will have a huge impact on the popularity of your brand.

User Personas

Writing up an imaginary profile of a user in your target audience based on the prior research.


Visualising scenarios of when a user would use the product to understand their needs.

User Flow

This is important to determine what pages/sections/processes the app/site needs to perform its functions and how easily that is done. Here We can start to work out if certain steps can be improved to have better UX. Also this will help form the site map and allows understanding user experience from various channels. Understanding user flow also helps to identify bugs at the beta stage of the development cycle.

Site Map

This is essentially the a diagram of all the different pages that the app will have to have and the step-by-step flows between them. For example: Order >Custom or premade > Selection process> Select Delivery address and date > Enter payment details > Confirmation. A site map will also be important to provide clarity to the app development team and save time.


Basic early designs of app pages based on what is required from the site map. These will eventually evolve into polished digital designs. Building a fully interactive wireframing app prototypes that resemble the final product is crucial.


Development phase is a crucial phase where innovation and experience plays a vital role. With our well experienced team of developers we ensure that we get it right first time. We also make it a practice to follow industry standards to ensure the application has maximum security and reliability. Excellent coding standards also means the app is light, user friendly, not prone to issues and highly reliable.


Generally considered very important in proper UX Design, testing wireframes/prototypes with users to understand how well the UX & UI is working and gathering feedback to evolve and improve. This is essential to the development path.


Once the application development is complete and thoroughly tested for its performance, usability and reliability, the application is made available online. Before going live, all necessary navigational tracking is set so that our web research team can analyze user behaviour for further improvement.

Innovate and Improve

A product to achieve success and stay ahead in the market needs constant innovation and improvisation. Understanding user behavior and user demands is crucial to innovate and succeed. Our team does just that and quite cleverly. We constantly monitor user behavior and what they are in need off through our state of the art analytics tools.With these tools, we get an in depth understanding of the improvisations required and priorities which helps us successfully improvise our products and applications.

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